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Data is behind everything we do.

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We capture demographic, geographic and market research data from internet users in 140+ countries.

360° View

We have a deep sample of online and offline consumption data from multi-dimensional and representative sources.


We work with data sources that have long-term relationships with leading businesses across all key sectors.


We collect data on a daily basis that enables us to provide granular classifications of internet behaviors.

How we gather and process data

The samples from the data sources we work draw from a diverse range of user panels with full visibility of secure traffic and mobile browsing data and are designed to provide both accuracy and reliability.

Audience Analytics & Traffic Sources

140+ Databases
200M+ Panelists
18K+ Consumer Attributes

SEM & Linkbuilding Data

9.4B+ Keywords
450M+ Domains
11.7T+ Backlinks

Display & Native AD Intelligence Data

2.3M+ Advertisers
118M+ Total Ads
3.1M+ Publishers

Social Media & Mobile App Data Intelligence

37B+ Social Media Posts
4M+ Mobile Apps
223B+ Downloads

TV Ad Attention and Conversion Analytics

200+ TV Networks
2M+ Ad Airings per Month
15K+ Brands

Accuracy up to
in main countries
More than
events analyzed per day

Data transformation and visualization

Once we have collected volumes of raw data, we process it by sorting and structuring the data, cleaning and removing any irregularities with an Interactive Data Visualization BI Tool – MTRIKS. This is critical to integrate data from third-party-platforms and from leading consumer research surveys and panels to make it accessible, digestible and actionable.

Delivering our insights

Lastly, using best-in-class modeling and estimation algorithms developed by our team of leading data scientists and MBA-level executives, we are able to transform the data into intelligent insights across all sites, social networks and apps for all geographies.

This unique combined dataset is delivered to clients via a competitive intelligence report that offers an overall understanding of how those consumer segments think and behave to obtain a level of insight that allows you to evolve your digital marketing strategy based on competitor insights.

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